Laser Hair Removal Treatments: What to Expect

You’ve waxed for years, and before that, you shaved. But are you ready to take the next step? With today’s technology, laser hair removal is the obvious choice for effectively achieving smooth skin and removing all unwanted hair. As the number one aesthetic treatment among non-invasive aesthetic procedures, it is no surprise that 61% of women are interested in laser hair removal.
At Sun & Shade Med Spa, we understand our clients’ first laser appointment can be nerve wracking, but there’s no need! Here is exactly what to expect at your appointment.

The Technology

Along with ensuring your appointment is with qualified, skin care professionalS, it is extremely important that you understand the type of laser hair removal technology that will be used during your appointment. Over the last decade, laser technology has become infinitely more safe and effective. At Sun and Shade Med Spa, we use Syneron Candela’s Elos Plus technology. This state-of-the-art hair removal technology is powerful yet gentle and can safely target hair follicles on all skin tones. By combining Diode (electric OPTIC) and Radio Frequency (RF) energy, the Elos Motif Vantage® targets and destroys the hair follicle without impacting the surrounding skin. The Elos Plus has an added cooling feature for patients with more sensitive skin to ensure A comfortable experience.

The Appointment

Once you’ve chosen the area to be treated, setting a time for your appointment is easy – treatments with Elos Plus achieve more in less time. The treatment duration depends on the size of the area BEING treated, it can take as little as 10 minutes for the upper lip to one hour per session. Once your technician has reviewed the technology and procedure with you, they will leave the room giving you a minute to get undressed and to cover yourself with a towel. Before commencing the treatment, your technician will ensure that you have the proper protective eyewear to protect your eyes from the powerful laser light. With the cooling feature, patients can expect to be comfortable during the procedure, the technician will continuously communicate to ensure comfort levels. Once the session is completed, the technician will again leave the room to allow you to get dressed for the rest of your day.

The Aftermath

Hair growth from the targeted area should lessen after each treatment, the hair that does grow back will be denatured,  generally thinner and lighter in colour. After your appointment, you may experience some redness in the area that was treated, but this mostly depends on the sensitivity of your skin and will disappear in just a few hours. Protecting the treated area from sun exposure in between laser hair removal treatments is important to ensure successful future treatments and unwanted effect pigmentation. Patients can expect to see optimal reduction in hair growth after approximately three to five laser sessions.

Forget the discomfort of ingrown hair from waxing and shaving. At Sun & Shade Med Spa, our skincare professionals use Syneron Candela’s advanced hair reduction technology. Elos Motif Hair Removal technology is continuously well received by patients and highly recommended by doctors and skincare professionals around the world.

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