Organic Facials Oakville

Many are cautious of what they put into their body, but it’s just as important to be cautious of what goes on your body. That’s why at Sun and Shade Med Spa we provide custom treatments using quality organic beauty products.

While products containing chemicals tend to strip away the skin’s natural balance, organic products work in harmony with them. There are many reasons to choose organic but the follow are just three:

1. Better (and safer) for your skin. Although they are FDA regulated, cosmetic products are not required to be FDA approved before going to market. This means a lot of harmful chemicals can get into the products you use on a daily basis. Not only does this mean skin irritation can occur but with daily use can lead to over harmful outcomes (a lot of research is currently being conducted about products and their connection to various cancers.

2. Better for the environment. The process of creating your cosmetic products begins with the farmers. When supporting organic products you can play a part in reducing the pesticides used during harvest which negatively impact soil. Furthermore, during the packaging and the processing choosing environmentally conscious companies can reduce air and water pollution.

3. You’ll be more informed. The skin is the body’s largest organ. Although our skin’s natural barrier is extremely impactful in producing the body from negative substances, it’s not a fortress. Repeatedly coming in contact with hundred of chemicals (yes, each conventional product used tends to have hundreds), can be extremely dangerous. Conventional products often use fragencies and the FDA does not require any companies disclose the ingredients of these frequencies as they are considered “trade secret.” This means even after reading the packaging and determining whether or not ingredients are safe for you and your skin, you may be in contact with dozens of other unknown chemicals.

At Sun and Shade Med Spa, we trust the quality, organic products by Corpa Flora. After 20 years of lab research, Celine Champigny founded Corpa Flora and dedicated her life to creating environmentally friendly, skin products in their purest form.

Using packages made from 100% recyclable glass and ingredients from renewable sources, Corpa Flora prides itself on quality over quantity. All Copra Flora products are based with botanical oils opposed to water. Oftentimes water-based products allow for immediate hydration but then the water is evaporated causing dryness. With years of research, Corpa Flora has determined botanical oils are the most efficient way to nourish, restore and hydrate the skin naturally. Sun and Shade Med Spa is proud to support the Canadian company by offering quality facials and products for at-home use.

Our Balancing Corpa Flora Organic Facial is based on hydro-lipid balancing of the bi-layers of the skin, through the use of omega oils 3, 5 , 6, 7 and 9.  It is completely plant based, non photosensitizing and the perfect way to give your skin a refresh at the beginning of each season. With other products such as Corpa Flora’s Rock N’ Rose exfoliation, our clients can achieve results equivalent to four microdermabrasions.

For more information on which Corpa Flora products and facials are best suited for your skin type, book your free consultation with the skin care experts at Sun and Shade Med Spa today.

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