Three Benefits of Using Organic Products

It’s not a trend or a fad, organic skin care products are popular for their long-term benefits. Here at Sun and Shade Med Spa, we believe in  using  organic products, simply put, because they are better for you.

1) Better for your complexion

For those with sensitive skin, switching up your skin care or cosmetic products may cause irritation and skin issues. However, when using organic skin care and cosmetic products the risk of irritation greatly reduces. Because there are no harmful chemicals or ingredients, organic products are gentle and safe for every skin type. Switching to organic products can help eliminate the absorption of   harmful chemicals, that may aggravate your delicate skin. Many skin issues like acne, allergic reactions, and general skin irritations may disappear once the synthetic ingredients are removed from your day-to-day skincare routine. When purchasing cosmetic or skin care products, avoid toxic ingredients such as;  aluminum,  Benzoates, Parabens, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) SLES (Sodium LaurethSulphate) and ALS (ammonium Laurel Sulphate) etc. and look for ingredients like natural fruits or vegetable extracts,  such as beta carotene (a precursor of Vitamin A which helps maintain healthy skin and a strong immune system).

2) Healthier for you (and your skin)

Non-organic skin care products often contain chemicals, artificial ingredients, and fillers that can generally have a negative impact on the skin. When these harsh ingredients are applied to the face every day, the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dry skin may become emphasized. Most people forget that skin is an organ that should be given the same health-cautious attention as other organs such as your heart or lungs. Your skin is susceptible to the harmful ingredients which are  absorbed  into the bloodstream. Harsh ingredients and artificial fillers lead to premature aging and/or skin irregularities. If you consider how much product the body absorbs daily with modern nano-technology, it becomes the obvious choice to expose your skin only to natural extracts, phytosterols and omega oils as  opposed to synthetic by-products.

3) Eco-Friendly

If these benefits are not reason enough to switch to organic products, then perhaps the environmental advantages will convince you. Most ingredients in organic products are sustainably and naturally produced. Unlike other non-organic companies, which produce their products in large factories that often release harmful greenhouse gas emissions during production.These emissions have become a global concern, and more consumers are heading towards the eco-friendly solution of organic products. The natural ingredients found in organic skin care and cosmetics are more sustainably sourced helping you to do your part towards protecting our planet.

Non-organic products are not biodegradable , and accumulate in our ecosystem. This then effects a number of different species and their individual environments. Eco-friendly organic skincare and cosmetics aim to reduce the negative effect on our bodies and the environment. This includes not testing products on animals, and eliminating the amount of harmful chemicals that are washed down into  our oceans. Transparency Market Research predicts that the global demand for organic cosmetics, which makes up approximately one-third of all cosmetics, this figure will reach $13.2 billion by 2018. Although the percentage of organic skin care and cosmetics within the beauty industry is still low for now, the hope is that more consumers will  switch to organic cosmetics in order to protect our earth as a whole.

At Sun and Shade Med Spa, we only use the best organic products on our clients. ilike skin care products are made with organic fruits, vegetables and botanicals. Many of the products are produced with mineral-rich water from a subterranean thermal spring that help replenish and heal dehydrated skin. Ilike products contain no parabens, artificial colouring, animal by-products, or fragrances and are not tested on animals. Using organic products, such as the ilike skin care line, helps heal skin ailments including sensitivity, irritation, sun damage and acne.

Interested in our organic skin treatments or products? Click here to book your organic facial with the skincare experts at Sun and Shade Med Spa. Love the way your skin feels post-treatment? We have a wide selection of ilike products available in-store for purchase.

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